To give shape to the Owner’s desires and create excellence: this is CRN’s ultimate objective. CRN’s ability lies in the journey the Shipyard embarks upon with its Client, leading him to the creation of a truly bespoke yacht. The combination of different abilities and competencies contribute to forming the Shipyard’s overall expertise and know-how.

During the initial briefing and creative brainstorming stage, CRN’s design team puts on paper and interprets the Owner’s wishes, passionately creating a piece of art from the blank sheet. This is when it all starts coming to life.

Signs of design

Innovation as the essence of one’s own tradition: the constant search for unique design solutions is a leitmotiv at CRN. The Shipyard is a hive of creativity: thanks to its technical know-how and skills, CRN combines naval engineering and cutting-edge design solutions to create its ‘floating masterpieces’.

Development and engineering

Behind every mega yacht lies a consistent planning of design and construction activities aimed at the development of the naval project. The Shipyard’s renowned capability of turning ideas and desires into well-defined concepts and tangible projects is the result of CRN’s Project Management’s high-performance skills.

Construction and handcraftsmanship

The building process of CRN mega yachts starts with the laser cutting of the first plates using a pantograph, a unique numerical controlled device used by the Shipyard, creating the first parts of the vessel based on the drawings provided by the Naval Engineering team. It is a moment that marks the creation of the first chapter of a fascinating story, always different and as unique and unrepeatable as CRN ships themselves.

Launch and sea trials

Each CRN launch is a festive moment for the Yard and the Owner alike, marking the beginning of a new phase, while CRN’s passion and expertise are being celebrated. Everything should be perfectly assessed before sea trials , when the new CRN yacht is put to sea for the first time and slides on its hull towards the Adriatic Sea.

Following launch celebrations, the process of testing, installation and finishing starts. The captain and the crew, who play an active part in this process, follow the final sea trails and the testing closely.

Delivery and the Yard’s pride

Upon delivery, the yacht is ready to sail all around the world and bids farewell to the Shipyard: it now officially belongs to its Owner. The delivery is another emotional moment of the construction step and represents the whole Shipyard’s pride. The CRN bespoke atelier has finally created a masterpiece at sea.

Constant after-sales assistance

CRN takes care of every pleasure vessel it creates even after it has been delivered, ensuring full support to its Owner and its crew. The Yard leads the Owner step by step into a world where industrial processes and craftsmanship harmoniously and passionately blend together, with the aim of turning his desires into reality.

Since the moment of the delivery, complete after-sales care and support are given to the Owner throughout the vessel’s sailing life.

Never-ending relationship with the Owner

CRN is fully committed to establishing and maintaining a solid relationship with each Owner, taking them on a path of continuous exchange of ideas and projects.

The Yard is always there for its Clients, offering them not only technical expertise, but also making suggestions that go beyond its core business: pleased to continue the strong relationship and meet any possible needs.

Every mega yacht built by CRN is the result of the combination of different ideas, know-how and professional skills - all sharing great passion and the will to create something truly unique.

CRN has always developed its own projects through innovative design solutions as well as built projects directly provided by increasingly competent and demanding Clients, in collaboration with the best international yacht designers. The Client and the Product are the two core inspirations in this ambitious journey towards new design frontiers.

Stylistic design solutions and special features lead to the creation of CRN’s fully-custom mega yachts, which are always true icons of ‘Made in Italy’ production. Just like in a real atelier, where customers come to get a made to measure suit, CRN builds bespoke yachts taking the same approach as a master tailor.
The technical office of the shipbuilder works together with the Project Manager on four vessel areas, which interact with each other: structures, power systems, engineering systems and naval platforms. CRN’s Project Team works with the team of the Owner to define the interior and exterior design at best in order to fully meet the Owner’s requests.

At each step of project development, CRN’s Project Manager is the contact person and the point of reference for the Owner, the surveyor and the whole team, who stands beside them all the way up to delivery, in close collaboration with CRN’s construction and engineering teams.

In contact with the Owner, CRN starts to work with suppliers as the sharpening of the yacht’s exterior and interior design continues - a process that turns the original sketches into 3D models, as the virtual world gradually makes room for the real one.
Then, numerous blocks are gradually and progressively assembled and welded by highly specialized workmen, building a steel hull with an aluminum alloy superstructure. These processes take place at the CRN naval workshop together with the masterful finishing and fitting-out operations. Mechanics, electricians, installers, carpenters as well as painters and plasterers work together to build the designed ship: the Owner can follow the entire process at the Shipyard.

The constant and mutual interaction among CRN engineers, architects, designers and technicians harmoniously combines the Owner’s ideas and the solidity of naval design.

The close relationship between the Owner and the Shipyard is guaranteed by the surveyor, a consulting engineer appointed by the Client to follow the whole process interfacing with the Project Manager and his team. Yacht trials in the testing basin are also carried out during this phase, including simulations of ship propulsion which allow the Shipyard to forecast the speed, power and seaworthiness of each platform.